Free video maker without watermark you likely haven’t used

Free video maker without watermark you likely haven’t used

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We create videos for many reasons – sharing fun, recording the details of life, making a greeting for friends, creating educational tutorials, or promoting a product, etc. Whatever the reason is or what level of skills we have, a handy video maker is the basic tool we need first. We always think video maker should be as professional and complicated as Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, or Final Cut Pro. However, people like me who is a newbie also wish to make a video without annoying watermark on my own. Through my hundreds of testing and comparing of different software, we collected the best video maker without watermark from a number of programs. Let’s check them.

4 video makers without watermark you should have


As its name implies, LightMV is a lightweight video making tool. It is totally free to use and has no limits on its functions. Usually, web services always ask their users to subscribe, or pay when they want to use advanced features, or put a big watermark on the video. Even though these requirements are reasonable, I don’t think you will like them. While on this site, these will never gonna happen.

Once I log in the web page, I can start making a video with my photos and theme templates it provides. It has a clean and intuitive interface, which makes it a very simple thing to produce a video. One more important feature this free online video maker without watermark has is the output video quality. It even has no difference from the original picture. The biggest shortcoming is the number of theme templates. I hope it will add more awesome templates and allow me to upload my favorite music in the near future.

free online video maker without watermark

To use this web tool to make a video, visit its official site first on the computer, mobile phones or tablets. It works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. After that, click the “Get Started” button and select the template. We can view the template effect before we apply it to the picture video. Currently, there are 11 styles of templates can be chosen from. Then we can upload pictures by clicking the “Upload Photos” button. If we want to add texts to the video opening and ending, we can click the “Your Title Here” to add texts. When we think it’s good, preview the whole video and press the “Produce” button to export it.

Note: Be aware of that the processing time depends on the length of the whole video. If we won’t waste time to wait for it being processed, it allows us to leave our email address there and it will send us the link to download our work.

Windows Live Movie Maker

The next free video maker without watermark is Windows Live Movie Maker. Even though it is somewhat out-dated, it is also a great program when it comes to creating and editing videos for beginners, especially people who won’t spend money on purchasing software. It has various visual effects and transitions and contains a lot of practical features which give us more freedom to customize our video, add favorite music and texts to the video. Different from the first tool, this program supports to upload both pictures and videos. Together with its drag and drop feature, it will be much more easier to process the video in the timeline. Below is a guide which will give us some help when produce a video in it.

free video maker without watermark

Drag and drop the videos or pictures to the right-side timeline section. We can adjust the order with the mouse. After that, we can apply transitions, add effects, put music and add caption to the video by way of the functions included in the toolbar. When we completes the video, we can choose to save it in high quality to the computer or share to social media accounts.


iMovie is to Mac what Movie Maker is to Windows. But compared with Movie Maker, iMovie is much more powerful in the stability and functionality. With this video maker without watermark, we can start making a video on iPhone and iPad, then edit it on the Mac with more advanced features. It has a lot of outstanding elements and features we need for producing a great video, dozens of animated title and credit styles, special effects (picture-in-picture, split-screen and green-screen), creative video filters, and built-in music. iMovie’s interface is straightforward, it is not too hard to use it even if it is the first time we use it.

video maker without watermark

Open iMovie on the Mac, click on the “Import Media” and select the clips or photos we wish to import. Once all files are imported, we’ll find them in the “My media” and we can drag them into the timeline. If we wish to add title in the video, go to “Titles”, select one from the available default templates, drag it into the timeline and then we can customize the text. To add a background music, find “Audio” from the menu tab then select one from the pre-uploaded files. We can also add filters and effects for the video in the clip inspector. Now we can preview and save the file by clicking on the “Share” > “File” to save the movie to our computer. We can add description, tags and choose the resolution, quality and compression rate for it.

A remarkable video maker without watermark you need to know

ApowerShow is a desktop professional video maker without watermark. It is reliable and convenient software that can help us turn photos and video footages into a cool video with high quality. It builds in different theme templates. Users just need to upload the photos and videos, choose from the template in different genre, add the background music and then let the magic happen. It can not only let us make a video, but also create a split-screen video. Due to its clean and super easy interface, people can get hold of it in a very short time.


  • Under the “MV” tab, hit the “Add Files” button to upload photos and video clips.

    make video without watermark

  • Navigate to “Theme” on the right side then select a template to apply to the video.
  • Go to “Music” > “Add Music” to upload the music file to the software if we want to use our favorite one instead of the default music in the template.

    video maker without watermark

  • Preview the whole video, click the “Export” button then choose the resolution for saving our video.

Apart from making video, this software has several other important functions. We can use it to convert files between different formats and devices, enhance our video with its editing feature and even record some great video materials on the web.

Do you have other suggestions on the free video maker without watermark? Leave your opinions and let me know.

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