How to Use ApowerMirror Android App

How to Use ApowerMirror Android App

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ApowerMirror Android app is a powerful application to mirror Android phone to many different platforms, including Windows computer, Mac, Android and iOS mobile devices. It can support any Android device running Android 5.0 and above. With this app, you can easily display Android screen on the computer and use the mouse and keyboard to control it. Or you can share videos, pictures, and even game screen on your Android with another Android or iOS device. Proceed to see how to use ApowerMirror Android app.

Guide on how to use ApowerMirror App on Android device

Download App

Please go to Google Play and download ApowerMirror app on your Android phone. Below is the download button.

User Guide

In order to mirror Android screen to other devices, please make sure the devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Now let’s see how this app works.

Mirror Android to other devices

Mirror Android to iOS

With Android ApowerMirror app, you are allowed to mirror Android to iOS devices. Just follow the simple steps below to do this.

  1. Launch the app on the Android and iOS devices.
  2. On the Android, enter “WiFi Connection”, and tap the blue mirror button to search for devices.

    Search for devices

  3. From the devices list, choose the iOS device that you are going to mirror to, and then click “START NOW” to start the screen mirroring.

    Mirror Android to iOS

Now your Android screen can be seen on the iOS device, you can hit the rotate button to rotate the screen to a vertical one and view it in full-screen mode. Also, you are enabled to use the iOS device and the functions of it by pressing the home button or the back button on the screen to go back to the interface of iOS. But keep ApowerMirror running in the background. If you close ApowerMirror on the iOS device, then the screen sharing will be stopped.

Rotate screen

Mirror Android to Android

Except for mirroring Android to a totally different operating system, Android ApowerMirror app also enables users to mirror Android to Android devices. Here is the guidance on how to achieve it with this app.

  1. On both Android devices, tap to open the app.
  2. On the main interface of the Android, hit the mirror button to find devices to mirror to.
  3. Once the detection is done, select the targeted Android device to display your screen on it. Tap on “START NOW” to allow ApowerMirror to capture your screen.

    Mirror Android to Android

It’s easy to mirror phone to phone with ApowerMirror app. Once done, your Android screen will be streamed to another device. Besides, you can choose to rotate the screen. Just keep the app running in the background if you want to use the target Android device.

Tip: To mirror Android to other mobile devices, you can also achieve the connection by scanning QR code. On the device you are going to mirror to, tap “QR Code” to get a QR code; on your Android, hit the “QR Code” to get the scanning box and scan the QR code that appears on the other device. Then click “START NOW” to display your Android on another device.

Get QR Code

Mirror Android to PC

Also, you can use Android ApowerMirror app to share Android screen with PC. Tap the mirror button on your Android to search for devices after you launch the app. Once the search is done, select your PC, whose name begins with “Apowersoft”, and then your phone screen will be streamed on PC immediately. For more information, you can refer to this guide.



Q: Can I use ApowerMirror if my phone’s OS version is lower than Android 5.0?

A: Sorry. For Android devices, ApowerMirror only supports Android 5.0 and later version.

Q: Does ApowerMirror support Android tablet? Why does it show that it is not compatible with my device when I try to install the app on my tablet?

A: Sorry, We haven’t submitted ApowerMirror to the tablet’s Google Play, so it will show that it is not compatible. But you can still use ApowerMirror on your tablet. Please turn on USB debugging on your tablet and connect it to ApowerMirror desktop program via USB cable. Then the ApowerMirror app will be downloaded on your tablet automatically.

Q: Can I mirror Android to iPad?

A: Yes. ApowerMirror can mirror your Android screen on iPad without any problem.

Q: Can I remote control my Android with another Android phone by using ApowerMirror?

A: Sorry. You can only mirror your Android to another device, but cannot use that device to control your phone.

Q: Can I control my PC with Android/iOS ApowerMirror app?

A: Sorry. For now, you can use PC to control Android devices, but cannot control PC with Android or iOS devices.

Q: Can I mirror or control my phone screen from TV using ApowerMirror app?

A: Sorry. ApowerMirror doesn’t have this function yet.

Q: Can I rotate the mirrored screen?

A: Yes. After the two devices get connected, tap the mirrored screen, and you can see a rotate button. Click it to rotate the screen.

Q: Can I use my phone and access its own functions when other’s phone screen is displaying on my phone?

A: Yes. You can press the home button or hit the back button on the mirrored screen to return to your own screen. But keep ApowerMirror running in the background if you still want to continue screening sharing, or else the mirroring will be stopped.

Q: Why can’t I find the other mobile device that I want to mirror to?

A: Firstly, make sure both mobile devices are connected to the same WiFi network. Secondly, restart the app and try again. Thirdly, disable the “AP Isolation” of the router. If you still cannot find the other phone that you want to mirror to, you can try to connect by scanning the QR code.


This is a simple guide on how to use ApowerMirror Android App. There are many more interesting things waiting for you to explore by yourself. As it says, you will “Have Great Fun in Screen Mirroring” with ApowerMirror. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us. If you have any other things that you want to discuss, just go to ApowerMirror Forum and share your ideas with other users.

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  • I don’t get to connect with my hometheater LG-HTS. What I have to do?
    • Hello Henrique, sorry for the problem. Did you also failed to connect with your PC either? Could you please open ApowerMirror app, tap the menu icon at the upper left corner, tap "Feedback" and send feedback to us? Our technician needs the log file to find out the problem. Below is a screenshot you can refer to. Thank you very much!
  • I am able to connect my iPhone to Android TV using Apowersoft- however, there is an issue with the display. Just getting a green/jumbled screen on the TV (which is brand new). How to solve for this?
    • Dear Prachi, do you also see the green/jumbled screen on your computer after you mirrored your phone to PC using ApowerMirror? Could you please take a screenshot and send to us?
  • I can't conect mi iPhone with My tv
    • Hi, sorry. ApowerMirror app cannot mirror iPhone to TV yet.
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