How to Use ApowerREC?

ApowerREC is a multipurpose screen recording software integrated with the ability to annotate recordings, create recording tasks, upload captured videos, take screenshots and more. To facilitate your use of ApowerREC, here are some useful sections explaining the capabilities and functions of this application in depth, along with some installation and technical support help.

How to Use ApowerREC?

Get Started


  • Download the program from below and then double click the installation package to install it.


  • From the pop-up window, choose your preferred language and go ahead.
  • When entering the “Select Additional Tasks” window, you can confirm whether you want to create a desktop shortcut or run the program when the computer starts.


  • It takes a few seconds to complete the installation, and then you can select to open ApowerREC at once and click “Finish” to exit setup.

Registration and Activation

If you want to remove all the limits of the trial version and enjoy the full version, you can purchase a VIP account and log into the program with the account for activation. For more details upon account registration and activation, you can refer to this FAQ post.

Set Preferences

Although this screen recorder can work with its default setting, adjusting it according to one’s preference can help to capture your screen conveniently. There are two types of settings that you can find in this program: the basic and the advanced settings.

Basic Settings

Under this menu, you can find numerous options that can make your recording easier and access to your recorded file faster.

Floating toolbar

You will be given an option to hide this when the recording starts, or hide it when the main panel is minimized. This setting is crucial for those that need to record their screen without any other applications running on the screen.

Floating toolbar

Output format

By configuring the “Output format”, users can choose their desired format which is compatible with their other devices in case they want to export the file for later use. You can set the video and audio format, as well as the image format for the captured screenshot.

Output format

File Management

From here, users can select a specific folder where they want to save all their recorded files, including screenshots. So, if you’re looking for a certain recording, you can go directly to this folder and locate the file easily.

File Management


In case you need to record your screen without using the toolbar, then setting the “Hotkeys” will help you. This program already has some preset hotkeys that are ready to use. However, if you find these hotkeys too hard to remember, then you can play around with them and select the one that you prefer.


Advanced Settings

If you want to set the quality and appearance of your recording, then go to the “Advanced settings”.

Mouse settings

Through this setting, you will be able to select the appearance of the mouse once you navigate it around the screen. There’s also an option whether you want to show the mouse cursor, record mouse clicks, or show the mouse area.

Mouse settings

Quality Settings

When it comes to configuring the quality of your video recording, you can set the Performance Mode, Frame rate, Bit-rate, and the Codec. On the other hand, you can also select audio quality of your choice.

Quality settings

Record Screen

Utilizing ApowerREC, you’re allowed to record full screen, customized region, webcam or create picture-in-picture video. Audio from computer speaker, microphone or both can be synchronized with the recorded video. To learn how to record the screen using it, you can check the instructions below.

Start Recording

ApowerREC main panel

1. Select recording area

To record full screen, just click the first icon to set the fullscreen recording mode. You can also custom a recording area by clicking the crop icon on the main panel.

custom recording area

When resizing the region for recording, you can lock proportions to constrain the proportions of the recording region, but change the dimensions.

2. Select audio input

Click the sound icon to select whether to record sound. You can hit the drop-down button next to it to choose an audio source, i.e., to record computer system sound, microphone or both. From there, you can also adjust the system sound and microphone volume.

record audio

3. Record webcam

If you want to record the webcam along with your screen, simply click the webcam icon to enable it for capturing. If you prefer to record webcam alone, after you enable the webcam from the main panel, click the “Record” button on the top left of the main panel and select “Camera”, then it will record your webcam instantly after the countdown.

record webcam

4. Click the “REC” button or press hotkeys (Ctrl+Shift+R) to begin your recording. When the countdown is over, it will record screen instantly.

Note: If you want to record sound only, click the “Record” button on the top left of the interface and select “Audio” from the drop-down menu, then it will start recording audio without screen immediately after the countdown. You can also go to the “Record” option on the upper left part of the main panel and select to record an area around your mouse.

record audio or webcam only

Floating Toolbar

When it’s recording, a toolbar will appear on the screen providing some useful options including pause/stop, screenshot, annotate buttons. If you don’t want the toolbar shown on your screen, you can click and drag it to the edge of any side of your screen and release your mouse. Immediately, the toolbar will hide and turn into a floating toolbar. Whenever you want to use it, you can hover your mouse over it and it will appear on the screen, which is indeed convenient.

floating toolbar

Annotate recording

In order to make your video more instructive, you can click the pen-like “Edit” button from the toolbar when recording. The real-time editing options include the tools to add lines, text, arrows, rectangle, ellipse, etc.

Annotate recording

Stop recording

To stop recording, you can manually click the stop button on the main panel or the floating toolbar, or you can choose to set stop recording automatically. To do it, just click the timer on the main panel below the “REC” button, then check the option “Stop recording automatically” and select whether to stop it when it reaches a certain recording time or file size.

stop recording automatically

Preview & Edit video

Once you’ve done recording, you can check the video on the file list and double click to preview it. On the preview window, you are allowed to take screenshots of the current video, further edit the video, and share the video. To edit the video, just click the pen icon on the bottom right of the preview window, and then drag the trim marker on the timeline to crop the recording. Besides, you are enabled to add an image or text watermark to the video. Once you are done editing, just click the “Export” button to save the video.

preview recorded video

Create Task Recording

Two task recording features are provided in ApowerREC. One is “Task Scheduler” which is often used for recording onscreen activity automatically when you are away from your computer. It’s quite useful in capturing live streaming videos, web conferences, etc.

task scheduler

The other one is “Follow Recording”. Simply select the application that you want to follow and start recording instantly. Once the application you selected exits, the recording will be stopped and saved automatically. This feature is convenient for recording presentations and other activities since you don’t need to stop recording yourself after you have finished the presentation.

A detailed guide is provided for those who would like to know more details on how to create task recording using ApowerREC.

Upload videos

After recording the video, you can choose to upload it to YouTube, FTP and other platforms. To do this, simply select the video and click on “Upload”.

upload videos

ShwoMore: ShowMore is a platform that provides free cloud storage service for users. You can upload your recorded videos to ShowMore to free up your computer storage space and share it with your friends via a link. To upload a video to ShowMore, select “ShowMore” as the targeted platform, and then enter a title, select a category, and write down the description. Afterwards, click “Upload” button to upload it. The uploaded video will be shown on your user center of ShowMore, and you can go to ShowMore and use your Apowersoft account to log in and access the uploaded video.

upload to ShowMore

YouTube: YouTube is the most famous video sharing website where you can watch and upload videos. To upload the recorded file to YouTube, select “YouTube”, input your video name, select public or private, write down the description and the tags, and click on “Upload”. Enter your YouTube email address and password on the directed webpage. Please click “Allow” when you see a prompt like below. Now wait until the uploading process has finished.

upload video to YouTube

FTP: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is actually a network protocol which can be used to transfer files between computers. To upload your file to FTP, select “FTP”, input the host name, port, user name, password and remote directory. Click on “OK” when you finish typing all the information.

Take Screenshots

As a multi-functional program, ApowerREC also provides tools for you to take screenshots. If you want to capture any part of your screen, just go to the main panel, hit on “Tools” to find “Screenshot”, and then click it to take a screenshot. After clicking and dragging a region for capturing an image, you can release your mouse, and then add shapes, arrows, or texts to the screenshot, and highlight or blur it as well. Moreover, you are allowed to upload your screenshot online or share it with your friends via this screen capture tool.

take screenshot

Also, during the recording process, you can create a screenshot of the recording region by clicking on the screenshot icon on the floating toolbar, and the file will be saved automatically. You can go to the file list of “Screenshot” on the main panel to check your screenshot.

Help & Support

In case you encounter any issues using ApowerREC or have any feedback & suggestions in improving this screen recorder, we provide the following ways for you to get instant free help and technical support.

Community Support

No matter whether you’re seeking technical help or simply want to share some tips with other community members, you can join the community and start a discussion.

Feedback & Ticket Support

To send us feedback, please run the application, click the “More” icon at the top right of the main panel and navigate to “Help”->”Feedback”. In the pop-up window, check “Send log file” if you are reporting technical issues and write down some details of the problem along with your email address. We can then get back to you ASAP.

send feedback

Alternatively, you can directly submit a ticket and describe the issue you met with details.

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How to Use ApowerREC?

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