YouTube Playlist Downloader

YouTube Playlist Downloader

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YouTube is the most popular video sharing site where you can watch and share various types of videos. Aside from watching individual clips, playlists can also be created or viewed. A YouTube playlist contains a group of videos, which are usually related to each other, though this is not always the case. For instance, you may find a playlist of Taylor Swift music videos or a playlist of someone’s favorite songs or video clips. When you access a playlist, there is no need to click on each video as the next one on the list will automatically play after the other one ends. If you find a playlist that you like on the site, you can download it using a YouTube playlist downloader.

Part I: Download from YouTube Playlist Online
Part II: Download from YouTube Playlist Effectively
Part III: Download from YouTube Playlist on Mac
Part IV: Knowledge about YouTube Playlist

Online YouTube Playlist Video Downloader

Firstly, I would like to share a free method to download videos from YouTube playlist. Since most of free YouTube downloader on the Internet have some limitations, so finding a really suitable tool is not very easy. In this case, Apowersoft Online Video Downloader comes in handy. Its strong points are as follows:

  • It can download as many videos as you want.
  • It downloads videos in high quality.
  • It outputs videos to all the video formats.

For downloading YouTube playlist, you only need to take several steps. Firstly, enter YouTube playlist and open your desired videos. Next, copy the video URL and paste it to download field on Apowersoft Online Video Downloader. Then, hit “Download” and choose a format for downloading. The last step is to open local folder and play the video offline.

Feasible YouTube Playlist Downloader

Another tool that you can use to download YouTube playlists is Video Download Capture. This is a software that you need to install on your computer. Once done with the installation, you can enjoy all the great features it has to offer.


It’s quick and easy to use this YouTube playlist downloader as you can get the playlist with just one click. The user interface is basic that you would immediately know what to do even if it is your first time trying it. Those who haven’t experience downloading videos before would appreciate the convenience of saving a playlist without having to undergo several steps.

For downloading a playlist on YouTube, you should enter the playlist page first. Then, copy the webpage link address and click “Paste URL” button on Video Download Capture. Without any delay, the playlist downloader will fetch information of all the videos on the given page. A window shows up, the downloadable videos are listed there. Choose the videos that you want to save, and then start video downloading. It’s the one-click way to download the whole YouTube playlist.
video download capture

Advanced Way to Download YouTube Playlist

Sometimes, you would find videos that are protected and cannot be downloaded by other programs. But since this tool embedded an advanced downloader and a built-in screen capture, it can still successfully download a YouTube playlist or clip even if it’s protected. It means that, if you cannot download playlist with URL, you also have two options to do the job:

  • Videos that are encoded by special protocol can still be downloaded by clicking the “Advanced Video Recorder (support RTMP)” link. You only need to enter video link address to inbuilt browser of Video Download Capture, then the video will be loaded and added to download.
  • Another way to download whole YouTube playlist is using the screen recorder function. Click the “Record Screen” tab, choose a preferred recording mode by dropping down the menus, and click “Record” button. This will record whatever is playing on your screen.

download youtube playlist
In short, with video downloader capture, you can download youtube playlist with ease. Thus, there is no need to find the other videos in the playlist to download one by one.

Professional Playlist Downloader for Mac

Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac is highly compatible with all Mac operating systems like Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and even the newest Mavericks. With this efficient software, you are enabled to download any videos from YouTube playlist at high speed. According to your need, you can download playlist to standard MP4 format, QuickTime MOV format and other popular formats.


Indeed, its concrete operation is similar to Video Download Capture. You just need to submit the playlist URL then download it off Internet. While downloading, you can right-click on the downloaded file and play it with the inlaid media player. This function brings convenience for you to check the video quality. Please rest assured that you have the ability to download playlist to high quality, medium quality and low quality.

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Since playlist is a very popular function on YouTube, except of downloading and saving them, people also wish to utilize it in other ways:

Convert YouTube playlist – Young man always wish to play YouTube playlist with their mobiles or portable players. But one problem is, it is hard to access to Wi-Fi all the time. To solve this problem, the best bet is to get a program which is able to convert playlist for digital devices playback.

Turn YouTube playlist to MP3 – We all know that there are thousands of music playlists on YouTube. Music lovers treat these recourses as treasure because the songs are free to enjoy. Also, they hope to convert the playlist to MP3 files for listening offline with music players, iPod, PSP, Zune and other players.

Embed YouTube playlist – If you are an owner of a website or blog, probably you need to embed YouTube playlist to well demonstrate the articles or images sometimes. To do this, you can copy the embed code under the playlist on YouTube, then paste code on your site to embed the playlist.

Make playlist on YouTube – You too can create YouTube playlist as long as you have an account on the site. There are various benefits that you can get if you do it. You can watch your favorite videos without having to search for them one by one. It is also easier to share them with friends as you don’t have to send them several links.

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  • Best program
    • Is this only for window users or mac users as well can download this and have it work properly?
      • Hello. Currently, Video Download Capture is able to download whole YouTube playlist on Windows easily. And we are keeping on developing Mac version for downloading videos effectively. Now, you can use Apowersoft video downloader to free download videos from YouTube playlist.
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