Efficient ways to download Twitch videos

Efficient ways to download Twitch videos

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Twitch.tv is a live streaming video hosting website concentrating on e-sports and video gaming. It provides a large platform for gamers all around the world to broadcast, watch and chat wherever they play. This website presents your favorite games, features the biggest and best gaming events and shares the best online video shows in the gaming circle. On Twitch.tv page, you can watch games, videos and live tournaments streamed in its channels or even play games directly after logging in. As a game enthusiast, you must want to collect some videos recording game highlights to enjoy offline. Then how to download Twitch videos? Check the answer out in the following.

How to download Twitch videos

A comprehensive tool for Windows

Video Download Capture is a professional tool for downloading streaming videos from tons of sites. Aside from the function of downloading, it also provides functions like converting videos to various formats and resolutions. You can also do some basic video edits with this application.

To make use of this app, please download and install it before any move.




Save videos with its smart sniffer

Launch this program. This app has a smart sniffer called “Video Detecor” which is activated by default when the app is triggered. It detects any videos being streamed on your PC, which will be automatically added to the download queue in an instant. So in order to download Twitch videos, the next thing you need to do is to navigate to Twitch.tv and play the video you want to download. Clips being downloaded this way can be seen in the download queue on interface. Moreover, this program supports multiple downloads at the same time. The demo below will walk you through all the steps.


 Save videos by recording screen

Sometimes its sniffer fails to detect some live videos, then you can use its recording function which enables you to grab any stuff played on the screen. After you start the app, choose “Record Screen”. And then customize the input audio and record region, click “Start”, drag the mouse to select an area, finally hit “OK” to go. You can press “Alt+F10” to pause recording or “Alt+F7” to finish recording.

Screen Recorder

With this comprehensive program, downloading videos from Twitch.tv turns out to be quite simple.

Tips: If you want to add the downloaded Twitch videos to your portable devices for playback, you can use its convert function. It enables you to convert the videos and save them in any formats (MP4, FLV, 3GP, etc.) that match your devices. Firstly, go to its “Convert” interface, click “Add” to import a video, click to expand the profile list to choose your format and click “Start” to initiate the converting.


A smart downloader for Mac

The good Twitch video downloader introduced above is for Windows users, while for Mac users’ need, there is Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac. Aside from Twitch.tv, it also supports downloading videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Hulu, CBS and the likes. Actually, this program is more than just a downloader because it enables you to convert videos with its converter function.

To experience its powerful features, first of all, you must download and install it on your PC.



You can download a Twitch video via the link. After launching the application, copy your Twitch video’s link from web browser, resume to program interface and then click “Paste URL”. The video will be added to the download list instantly. Its “Detector” can also help you download without manual work. Go to the “Detector” interface, and then navigate to Twitch.tv via its built-in browser, find the video you want and play it. This app will detect and start to download the clip immediately.

Download on Mac

This software is really suitable for Mac users as we can see that the downloading steps are extremely simple and efficient.

Free online downloader

In addition to the methods given above, you can also use TwitchTools to download Twitch videos. It is a free online application so that you don’t have to install any software on your PC. All you need to do is to copy your Twitch video’s link and paste it into the “Download Video” bar on page of this application. However, it only supports downloading Twitch clips that had been published with a link, which means you can’t get any live ones by this downloader. Moreover, it contains no convert function which you will need when you want to add the downloaded Twitch videos to your gadgets.


In conclusion, this post comes up with three applications for you to download Twitch videos. All of them are easy to operate. But compared with the online downloader, those two multifunctional tools for Windows and Mac respectively are more powerful and lessen all the converting hassles.

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