Hacks to download keek videos

Hacks to download keek videos

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Keek is a free social networking platform that enables its users to upload self-made video content using a webcam or via Keek mobile apps for Android phone, iPhone, etc. All the videos posted on this micro-video-sharing service are called “keeks”. Actually, Keek is an online community where you can share videos in your networks and interact with friends and visitors. However, unlike other social media networks, such as Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter-owned Vine, what makes Keek unique is that it focused solely on short and personal videos. Users can only be allowed to upload video clips up to 36 seconds each.

Due to the fact that all the videos from Keek are original and less-polished, most of them shared by community users have gained immense popularity. In order to preserve the videos before they have been deleted by the original uploader, you might need to download Keek videos for offline use. But for you to grab those videos, a workable tool comes as necessity. Keep reading if you want to find a solution on how to save keeks, and here we go.

There are numerous free and paid apps available, but it can be a bit tricky to choose the appropriate solution for your own benefit. In order to lessen the time spent on searching, here are what I consider as the best choices.

1. Perform downloading with third-party tool
2. Download keeks without software
3. Extra tips

Download video from Keek with third-party tool (Pro way)

What I recommend first is Video Download Capture. As its name implies, this tool is a powerful video downloader that offers the ability to download video streams from various sites, like YouTube, Vimeo, Veer, Keek and more. What is amazing about it is the fact that it empowers you to download videos in just a few clicks. Now let’s check how this program works with Keek.


The very first step is to download and install Video Download Capture from the below link. And follow the specifics to download any videos you prefer.



After installation, run the software right away. As soon as you play the video from keek.com, you just need to paste the URL into the download address bar on the main interface of this program. Then simply click on “Add to download” to start downloading.

Download Keek in two steps


The video will be automatically detected and added into the download queue. Note that the application allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously. By selecting “Tools”>”Options”>”Maximum simultaneous downloads”, you are able to set to download at most 20 videos simultaneously and conduct them by repeating step 2.

Maximum download

That’s not all about Video Download Capture; it can equally download online video contents from tons of sites, record live video events, convert video clips to various formats for digital devices and edit video clips. Better still, it supports downloading videos in bulk on one go. Video Download Capture definitely worthes a shot.

How to download Keek videos without any software (Simple way)

KeekDown is an online app which requires no installation or any signup, all you need to do is to navigate to this site and enter the keek video link for downloading. As soon as you click on “Keekdown” button, the video from keek.com will be saved as .mp4 format. I bet you’ll be deeply impressed by its capability of downloading keeks in just one click.

Input the url

Note: KeekDown can be actually called Keek video downloader, which is completely FREE and especially designed for Keek users. But being compared with Video Download Capture, this web application lacks of great stability. In general, the downloading process takes longer if you internet connection fails or slows. And the other disadvantage is that it does not support batch downloads.

Extra tips that you might have fancy on

We all know that Keek can work as a mobile social networking platform, that is to say, you are not only allowed to perform Keek video download onto your computer, but also get keeks on your Apple devices, Windows Phone, Android gadgets, BlackBerry, etc. The process does not need any third-party tools or web-based apps. Below is the detailed guide.

  • Open your mobile browser and play the keeks that you want to download.
  • Copy the video link (e.g. https://www.keek.com/MylesBDBrown).
  • Change your original URL into the new one (https://cdn.keek.com/keek/video/MylesBDBrown), and renter your mobile browser to open the link.
  • Double click on the video to download video that is being auto-played.

Is that extremely easy? Now the video will be downloaded in MP4 format on your smartphone with great speed. Enjoy your keeks anytime anywhere you go.

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