Best Ways to Create Playlist on YouTube

Best Ways to Create Playlist on YouTube

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YouTube is the most popular video sharing site which attracts millions of users around the world who upload and view videos on it everyday. Except videos, the site also lets users create and upload playlist with ease. A YouTube playlist is consist of a collection of videos which under the same or similar topic. When opening it, the videos on the list would automatically play one after another. People wish to create playlist on YouTube for various reasons.

As a viewer, you may want to collect your favorite videos so you don’t have to search for them one by one. And you can watch them without having to click on each video. As a content author, making a playlist will give your videos more exposure. This is because when a user watches one of the videos on your playlist; the next one would automatically play, resulting in more views on your channel.

Ways for Creating Playlists on YouTube

In this part, we will tackle two methods for making a playlist. One is by using the feature for creating playlist on the site itself and the other is using an online tool.

1. Create a Playlist on YouTube Directly

YouTube comes with a feature that let you create playlist, may it be your own videos or videos from other users and this is the first method that we will discuss.

Create Viewer Playlist

Creating a playlist of your favorite videos from various YouTube users is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Go to the video that you wish to add on your playlist and click the “Add to” option just below the video playback window. You may add it to an existing playlist by clicking on the playlist title or create a new playlist by entering the playlist name on the appropriate field and pressing “Create Playlist”.

add video to playlist

Make Playlist for Your Own Videos

If you wish to create YouTube playlist with your own videos, please upload your videos to YouTube account first. Once you have all the videos uploaded, access video manager and select “Playlists” in the left side list. Next, choose “New playlist” on the right side. Enter a playlist title and click “Create”, hit “Add video by URL” then copy and paste the URL of your video into the correct field and select “Add”. Follow the same steps on the other videos that you wish to include to your playlist. You can also add videos to your existing playlist by clicking “Edit” next to the playlist.

make playlist on youtube

2. Easy YouTube Playlist Maker

The next method that we have is using an online tool – YouTube Playlist Creator. This creator allows you to create a playlist of YouTube videos that you can conveniently view and share without having to log in. To make playlist, just enter video URLs one by one and name the playlist at your desire. However, the playlist will not be included in your YouTube channel, though you can share the link to other users.

youtube videos to playlist

For iPad or Android user, you may download the YouTube app specifically for your device. This will not only let you watch YouTube videos while on the go but create your playlists as well. This is convenient as you can do this even without computer.

Helpful Information about YouTube Playlist

Now that we have discussed the different ways to create playlist on YouTube, let me give you some helpful tips on watching videos on the site. Also, I wanna share some information on how to download a playlist.

Tips for Watching YouTube Playlist

You can access your playlist by signing in to your account, clicking “Playlists” on the left side of the window and selecting the title of the playlist you wish to play. You may turn the autoplay and shuffle option “On” and “Off” by clicking icons on the upper right side when viewing a playlist. “Autoplay” will automatically play the videos continuously and “Shuffle” will play your videos in random order.

Download YouTube Playlist

For collecting media resources or watching videos offline, you may want to download playlist from YouTube. Then, just draw support from Video Download Capture at this time.


Go to the playlist that you wish to download and copy its URL. Paste it to the URL field under the “Download” tab of the application. Select the videos that you wish to download and click “Add to download”. Wait for the process to complete and you’ll have all the videos saved on your computer. It’s the one-click way to download playlist from YouTube.

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