• [Tutorial] How to Stream the Android Audio to PC

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    [Tutorial] How to Stream the Android Audio to PC

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    Many people want to know how to stream the Android audio to PC easily and efficiently. Here is a detailed guide for your reference.


    To stream the Android audio to PC, please check if your Android has Chromecast service. You can swipe down from your phone screen and check on your settings. If it has, scroll down and see the following instructions.

    1.    First, launch ApowerMirror on your computer.

    2.    Swipe down of the phone screen and tap “Cast”.

    3.     Next, wait for the phone to search for devices.

    4.     Choose your device and then start streaming.

    If your Android phone doesn’t have Chromecast, you can install Google Home on your phone to stream the audio.

    1.    First, download Google Home from the Google Play.

    2.    Launch ApowerMirror on your computer.

    3.    Install Google Home and tap the icon on the left top corner of the interface. Then tap “Cast screen/audio”.

    4.    Then tap “Cast screen/audio” again. Choose your device to start streaming. 


    1.    Make sure that the devices connect to the same WiFi network. If you connect via USB cable, you cannot stream audio to PC.

    2.    Make sure the firewall or the antivirus software hasn’t blocked our program.


    Besides, the latest Xiaomi mobile phone which possesses the “Wireless display” feature can assist you in streaming audio from Android to PC, such as Xiaomi 6 and Xiaomi Note 5. It is also an effective way to achieve your goal.

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