• Cannot connect due to adb conflict issue

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    Cannot connect due to adb conflict issue

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    I cannot connect my Android to your program. I was told that the problem was resulted by the adb conflict. But I don’t know to solve the problem. Could you help me? Thank you very much!

    Cannot connect due to adb conflict issue

    Ada Reed
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    Hi Taylor,

    Sorry for the problem. Yes, if there is adb conflict of our program and other programs, it will cause the connection failure. You will see that either our program’s adb procedure is not working, or it constantly restarts and flashes. To check and solve the problem, please follow the instruction below. Before that, please make sure our program is running.

    1. Press “Windows Logo Key” and “R” simultaneously on the keyboard.

      Press Windows Key and R

    2. The “Run” window will appear, type in “cmd” and press “OK”.

      Enter cmd

    3. After a new window opens, copy and paste the command into it: netstat -ano|findstr 5037, and press Enter to operate.

      Enter command to operate

    4. Wait for the process to finish. Then scroll up and find all the lines with “LISTENING”. Remeber all the numbers at the end of them.

      Find LISTENING

    5. Open Task Manager, go to “Details”. Under the row of “PID”, find the exact numbers. In the front of the numbers, you can see all the procedures which are using the adb.

      Check PID number

    6. Only when our procedure “ApowersoftAndroidDaemon.exe” is the only one that is using the adb can you connect your phone successfully. If there are other procedures using the adb at the same time, it will result in the adb conflict. Therefore, you need to close the other procedures occupying the adb and only keep our procedure “ApowersoftAndroidDaemon.exe”. If our procedure is not running, please restart our program.

      ApowersoftAndroidDaemon exe

    7. If other procedure will restart by itself after you close it, please right click it and choose “Open file location”. Check which program it belongs and then uninstall that program.

      Open File Folder

    Once it’s done, please restart our program and connect again. Thank you!

    Cannot connect due to adb conflict issue

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    This is what i get, “failed to connect”

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